This business originated from the Tapioca Business Group’s realization of the significance of the quality of woodchips for export and established a plant to process eucalyptus logs into woodchips under the name of Sang Thai Woodchips Company Limited to supply woodchips to paper pulp factories both in Thailand and for export abroad. The plant is equipped with modern machinery and is presently successful and regarded as a trusted source of quality product by domestic manufacturers of raw material as well as foreign buyers.


Sang Thai Woodchips Company Limited began as the Tapioca Business Group extended into the business of acquiring and exporting eucalyptus woodchips. Initially it used the stockpiling and storage yard of Sang Thai Bangpakong Company Limited, an area of 20 rais, which included modification of the conveyor belt at the berth to load the woodchips on to pontoon boats for transport to the buoys at Si Chang Island for loading on to shipping vessels. This loading and unloading system is generally practiced and accepted and allows for management of transport according to the customers’ needs. Export of the woodchips began in 2011 and the Company has achieved success as a trusted source of woodchips by foreign buyers and domestic raw material manufacturers.

Fully understanding the importance of the quality of the woodchips, the Tapioca Business Group established a milling plant to process eucalyptus logs into wood chips and registered this as a separate company called Sang Thai Woodchips Company Limited in October 2013 in Kabinburi District of Prachinburi Province. This was a prototype plant which was equipped with modern machinery with a production capacity of 500 tons/day. The Company is in the process of expansion into other regions that are sources of the raw material. In 2014 set up a procurement branch in Nong Boonmark District of Nakhon Ratchasima Province and plans to build another processing plant in the very near future.


Acquisition and storage of no less than 200,000 tons of eucalyptus logs per year as bulk goods, processed through a modern milling plant with the TAPPI UM21 standard. The finished product is sent to the yard at Sang Thai Bangpakong for storage before being shipped out.


The plant is situated in eucalyptus growing area and the distance is not far from Sang Thai Bangpakong which is the export point.