Logistics business plays a very significant role in national economic development, especially in relation to the export sector. Realising this, the STC Group established its logistics business group in 1984 in order to ensure prompt and efficient delivery of its rice and tapioca products to foreign buyers, resulting in consistently high levels of acceptance and trust from our clients over the years. The service was subsequently extended to external exporters and importers on a general basis.

Logistics Business Group comprises:
– Marita Marine Co., Ltd.
– Palangmit Transport Co., Ltd.
– Marita Logistics Co., Ltd.


STC’s Logistics Business Group provides comprehensive logistical services to accommodate customers’ demand as we have always been committed to our responsibility, not only to effectively deliver the goods to clients but, more importantly, to ensure ultimate customer satisfaction with our services at all times.

The nature of services provided consists of the following:

  • Ship chartering services
  • Ship agent services
  • Stevedoring services for bulk cargoes and containers
  • Waterway transport services
  • Warehousing and wharf services
  • Trucking services


From over 30-year long experience in the logistics sector, we have highly skilled and experienced professionals in logistics management, a complete array of logistics services, whether it is from ship to warehousing or vice versa, we have the tools and equipment which are regularly and efficiently maintained, always ready to provide timely, safe and effective services to our customers. Presently, we have a fleet of lighters totalling over 70,000 metric tons ranging from 1,000-2,500 metric tons for clients to choose from to suit their needs as well as the channel and berth facility conditions. Provision of services also include a fleet of agricultural transport and trailer trucks with loads of 30-35 tons.