Tourism is a very important industry contributing to Thailand’s economy due to its continual steady growth. The tourism industry creates various other related hospitality businesses especially hotels and other types of accommodations. Having identified the opportunity, STC Group therefore established in 1994 its hospitality business in the form of the Legacy Travel Company Limited to operate a hotel business under the name the Legacy River Kwai Resort on the bank of The Kwai Noi River, Tambon Glondo, Dan Makham Tia District of Kanchanaburi Province to accommodate the growing numbers of tourists, both within Thailand and from overseas. Business operations are conducted with a service-minded focus, offered in sincerity and honesty to customers at all levels, resulting in customer loyalty as evident from continuing repeat visits by customers over the years.


The Legacy Travel Company Limited is part of the STC Group of businesses providing hospitality services in the tourism industry in the form of the Legacy River Kwai Resort which opened for business in 1997 seeing that tourism would play a most significant role in the national economy, not only as the sector bringing in the highest revenue for the country but also generating further opportunities for numerous related businesses which in themselves had potential for rapid growth.


The Legacy River Kwai Resort is situated in Tambon Glondo, Dan Makham Tia District of Kanchananburi Province and operates a hotel business on a 300-rai plot of land consisting of 80 resort-style bungalows or 160 bedrooms, 5 seminar rooms as well as areas to organize recreational activities to accommodate over 400 guests per day. Complete with conference and dining facilities and services, rooms and a banquet service that encompasses a diverse menu, both Thai and international cuisine, including a healthy macrobiotic meal plan, as well as fun activities such as walk rally, cycle rally, campfire, rafting and natural spa.


For those who want to relax and learn how to take care of their health, the Legacy offers the “Back to Nature as Healthy Lifestyle” program tailored to the client’s needs. Complete services are provided comprising accommodation, healthy foods, macrobiotic meal plans, lecture programs to impart knowledge on healthy living by experts in the relevant fields such as physicians, nutritionists, psychologists. Topics also include more specific subjects such as modification of bone structure, breathing techniques, Qigong, yoga, etc. Activities in the programs include aqua aerobics, herbal sauna, massage and hydro therapy using warm salt water, foot and body massage in a heated spa pool. Moreover, options for healthy tourism and study visits are also included in the program.