Since packaging has become such a significant component of products in modern times, STC Group deemed it to be a good business move to establish its own Packaging Business Group in 2004 under the name The Packaging Company Limited in order to engage in designing, production and distribution of plastic-woven sacks jumbo bags and coated paper bags. The products are of high quality in terms of durability and come in diverse sizes and colours to suit customers’ needs mainly in the agro-industry and petro-chemical sectors. The Packaging Business Group has a firm commitment to develop packaging products which meet international quality standards, aspiring to achieve excellence in packaging products by using the latest available technology to become a leading player in this field in Thailand.


STC Group, having appreciated the importance of the packaging industry as a significant factor supporting national economic growth, established the Packaging Company Limited in 2004 in its determination to develop packaging products of international quality standards with a target to achieve excellence as a leading manufacturer of packaging products in Thailand.


The Packaging Co., Ltd. produces plastic-woven sacks, jumbo bags and coated paper bags in many shapes, sizes and colours depending on customers’ needs for agricultural products, chemicals, fertilizer, animal feed and other industries. Packing volume ranges from 5 kg. to 1,500 kg. The design of the packaging comes in many shapes aimed at appealing to consumers and meets high quality standards of durability. Diverse sizes of PP Multifilament threads are also used to sew the sacks and other packaging to enhance quality.


  • Plastic-woven sacks: come in various diverse colours and sizes as per customers’ specifications, used for agricultural products such as rice, flour, sugar, or other packaged goods such as chemicals, fertilizer and animal feed, including sacks which have special additional requirements such as bail, clasp or clip, inner bag or coating on the outside of the sack, etc.
  • Jumbo bags for packaging products such as rice, tapioca flour, chemicals, etc.
  • PP Multifilament thread for sewing, in diverse sizes and colours to suit customers’ needs.


The Packaging Co., Ltd. has brought in modern technology from abroad in order to produce quality packaging products. Examples include the Extruder from Germany which produces binding tape in many colours and of consistent quality, weaving machines to produce plastic woven sacks, jumbo bags, and bails of jumbo bags, automatic sewing machines and cutters for sacks, automatic cutters for jumbo bags, as well as the machine which produces PP Multifilament thread for sewing in various industries. The Company has also invested in a coating machine for special requirement products where customers want coating on the packaging to further enhance durability for heavy duty usage.

For printing jobs, the Company has acquired a modern state-of-the-art printer which produces high-quality work, resulting in the Company becoming one of the most high-tech, all-inclusive manufacturer of packaging products in Thailand.

Due to all its investment in modern machinery and equipment for production and printing, its commitment to human resources development to ensure capacity building as well as implementation of an efficient production control system in response to the importance placed on ensuring the quality of its products and services, hence the Company has high production capacity and the ability to create products of consistently high quality so as to meet the needs and objectives of the customers.